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Custom Home Artwork

Custom Home Artwork
**Due to the upcoming opening of our first brick and mortar storefront I am not currently able to take orders for custom artwork. If you would like to be added to the waitlist please email [email protected] and you will be updated when ordering is open again. Thank you for your patience!***

Few things are more precious than our homes. They give us comfort, warmth, and ...memories!
Displaying this art in your home will warm your heart for years to come.

What is the process for ordering and creating items with custom artwork?

Order Print
Order your home artwork using the listings below. You will first need to order the 'Design work' then choose what medium you would like it printed on (usually the 8x10 'Print' - below)

Photos Sent
Photos of your home will be submitted to Toluka Paper for review when order is placed through the 'Custom Home Artwork - Design' listing below - clarification questions may be asked.

Digital Proof
A digital proof will be created from photos sent. Color will be added based on the color represented in the photos supplied. A proof will be sent for feedback on colors. Any announcement, family name, or invitation text is also added at this time. Two round of edits are included in this stage. Typically only one is needed.

Once the emailed digital (pdf) proof of the home is approved and complete it will be applied and printed on the media chosen/ordered (art print, stationery, etc.)


Minimum of three photos of home to be designed
- straight-on view
- angle from the left
- angle from the right

- What details would you like to make sure are included? A special tree? Flowers? House number?
- Are there any details you would like excluded?

Is there additional text you would like added?
i.e. 'The Williams Family Established 2008'

Custom Home Designwork *
- 1 level home - $135
- 2 level home - $160
- 3 level home - $185

* This is for the design / artwork only. The options for printed items are below.

Printed options available:
Framable Print  -  Moving Cards  -  Holiday Cards  -  Folded Stationery  -  Gift Tags  -  Coffee Mugs
**The listing for the 8x10 print is below. Any other items (notecards, notepads, gift tags, etc) are the same as a predesigned listing. Just add one of those to your card and put 'For Custom Home Art' the Personalized Text section.
Any questions, please email me at [email protected]

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