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I’m so glad we can chat here because if you popped by my house, at any given time, you might find my monsters and me dancing and singing with Swiffer sticks as microphones in our pj's to old-school pop…because we can’t stop and we won’t stop…for the doorbell or anything else ;)
No Text Tuesday...Don't go to the P.O.

Put down your phone, grab a pen and write a note instead.

No one wants to make a special trip to the Post Office when it is this cold! Did you know you can buy stamps at places you already frequent? The grocery, Target, Staples...even Costco carry them.  Buy them while you are there and cross that trip to the PO off your errand list.
Posted on 2/4/2014 to Ideas + Opinions
Address Book: Keeping up-to-date
Put down your phone, grab a pen and write a note instead.

As your holiday cards arrive in the mail - save the envelopes. Once the holiday craziness has passed, update your address book or spreadsheet with the new contacts and changed addresses. You will then be up to date for all your 2014 mailings!

Posted on 12/3/2013 to Ideas + Opinions
50 Years Ago...and Today.
Today we remember JFK on the 50th anniversary of his assassination, but EVERYDAY we are inspired by Jackie Kennedy’s classic style, brave demeanor and love of writing letters.

Visit our Facebook page and view the comments to see the thoughts and memories of those who are also inspired by her.  We would love to hear your thoughts as well!!

Jackie Kennedy at her desk
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No Text Tuesday...Ever Wonder Why? How?
Today is No Text Tuesday! …but it is a little different than most Tuesdays. This week I was honored to be invited to ‘Be My Guest’ by Lori at Carde Blanche. I explain the why’s and how’s to my No Text Tuesday routine. So, if you have ever wondered how it started, why I do it and how you can get involved head over to Lori’s blog to find out the 411!
No Text Tuesday - Guest Blogger
Posted on 11/19/2013 to News & Announcements
Countdown to Halloween + Sale
It's October!  Whether it feels like fall in your neck of the spooky woods or not, why not celebrate October and Halloween with our fun Halloween Ghost countdown?  The free download is available here in our shop.  

Halloween Ghost Countdown

NOTE: you will need to put the item in your shopping cart as though you were making a purchase, but you will not need to enter any payment information if this is the only item in your shopping cart.  

Once you have completed your 'order' a link with the pdf file will be emailed to you.  

Next, print as many as you like, sit your kids down with some pumpkin bread and apple cider and let them color away while you enjoy a moment of peace. If your house is like mine...enjoy that moment...it won't last long!  

Each day your child(ren) will enjoy counting down the days to their favorite dress-up and candy collecting holiday by gluing on their cotton ball. It will also help them conceptualize time/days and answer the question 'How much longer until Halloween?'.

Extra Credit:  Post pictures of your kiddie's creation on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag us (@tolukapaper ,  #tolukapaper) so we can enjoy your countdown too!

While you are in our shop check out the rest of the Halloween goodies available.  All Halloween invitations, favor sticker and cupcake toppers are 15% off until Friday, October 4.  Enter SPOOKY2013 to receive your discount.

Toluka Paper Halloween Sale

Happy Haunting!
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