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I’m so glad we can chat here because if you popped by my house, at any given time, you might find my monsters and me dancing and singing with Swiffer sticks as microphones in our pj's to old-school pop…because we can’t stop and we won’t stop…for the doorbell or anything else ;)
Looking Back and Looking Forward - Part 2

Before we get started with Part 2, a little confession:

I can’t believe I have strung along the suspense of this post for so long!  It was not intentional. For me blogging is tough to incorporate into my daily routine…(especially the summer ‘routine’…or lack of!).  Managing kids, school, Toluka Paper…life!  It becomes a constant re-assessing and juggling of priorities all while holding your breath and hoping you are making the right choices.  For me, blogging usually takes a back burner, but I’m hoping that now that both my children are in school full-day I will be able to incorporate blogging into a more routine schedule.  Don’t look for them every day…I just know that is too aggressive for me, but more often than every four months or so should be feasible, right?  One can hope.

Ok, now on to the loooong awaited 'Part 2.'

First, a little info on me: I love to learn.  I do not like being in the dark about anything.  I can’t handle not knowing how to do something.  How can anyone make an educated decision about something they know nothing about?

The stationery industry is no exception.  My previous visits to the National Stationery Show were helpful in narrowing some gaps and educating me in many areas, but I still lack that in-depth, and at the same time, the big picture perspective sometimes.  

Enter The Stationery Academy.

Stationery Academy

 I now cannot remember where I heard about Stationery Academy for the first time, but as soon as I heard about it I wanted to learn more!  So after doing a little digging I decided this might be a better place for me in 2013.  I tossed around the idea in my own head for a while then I asked my husband for his thoughts.  His response?  “Absolutely.  Do it.  Now.  Sign-up now.”  His response to this gave me more than the ‘green flag’ to move forward with my plan…it gave me confidence.  In my crazy, hectic day-to-day life, I often question whether Toluka Paper is what I should be doing right now – at a time when my kids are young and I want to savor every moment with them.  I wonder if my efforts are fruitless…and if the time I spend away from my little monsters is worth it or time wasted on a hobby.  When he responded with zero hesitation it not only gave me the confidence to step outside of my comfort, but it also showed me that this little gig is more to him than a hobby and it should be treated as such by me too!  

So I signed up that day and let the anticipation build until August 22, 2013…when the fun and learning would begin!

...Stay tuned...next I will be sharing about my experience at Stationery Academy.  No, really I will!  Promise.

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Date 9/18/2013
Hey Toluka, this isn't an announcement, it's a teaser! I can't wait to read more. It sounds like the exciting news is still to come!
Date 9/19/2013
Tonya @ Toluka Paper
Amy, thank you for your comment. I'm sorry! I won't leave you hanging for long this time. I'm hoping to post my details from my trip tomorrow... or Monday at the latest!

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