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Pretty Palettes
Color.  I love me some color!  One of the things I struggle with the most when designing - no matter what it is - is coming up with the perfect colors.  Whether it is for a new product design or even for a custom piece where I have a suggested color theme supplied by a client I still catch myself becoming overwhelmed with the possibilities.  The combinations, the shades, the placement...so many options to choose from.  

Below is a pic of some color palettes that have caught my eye this week.  When I first laid them out, the combinations were meant to be looked at in rows.  I thought the navy, rose and mint would be a great option for a baby announcement I am currently working on.  The olive, tangerine, and raspberry would be great combos for a stationery suite I have started...etc.  BUT the reason I am sharing this with you... The more I looked at these colors, I discovered that I have actually laid out more color palette options than I originally intended.  No matter what way you look at this color grid/layout all the colors seem to coordinate well.  If you focus on the colors laid out on the diagonal - navy, tangerine and mushroom - those colors might be great for a masculine birthday invitation (or boys bedroom colors...which is what I might be using them for).  I am also loving the mint, raspberry and mushrooms colors! I just need to find a way to incorporate those into my life...wardrobe maybe?  

Two tricks to keep in mind when choosing a color palette: 
1. Keep the number of colors you choose to around 3.  This allows you to have enough options to have 1 or 2 main colors and a nice pop/accent color without having a rainbow effect (unless, of course, that is a look you are going for).  
2. Be sure to include a neutral color in your palette.  This helps the other colors stand out without having to compete too much.

My point is (yes, I have a point) no matter what you are working on, your wardrobe, new wall/room colors, your wedding colors, a spring floral arrangement, etc lay out all the colors you like (get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere!) and mix and match them in ways you wouldn't normally put together.  You might surprise yourself! 

What color combinations are your favorite right now?  What are you using them for?
Posted on 5/24/2013 to Inspiration

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