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I’m so glad we can chat here because if you popped by my house, at any given time, you might find my monsters and me dancing and singing with Swiffer sticks as microphones in our pj's to old-school pop…because we can’t stop and we won’t stop…for the doorbell or anything else ;)
Pretty Palettes
Color.  I love me some color!  One of the things I struggle with the most when designing - no matter what it is - is coming up with the perfect colors.  Whether it is for a new product design or even for a custom piece where I have a suggested color theme supplied by a client I still catch myself becoming overwhelmed with the possibilities.  The combinations, the shades, the placement...so many options to choose from.  

Below is a pic of some color palettes that have caught my eye this week.  When I first laid them out, the combinations were meant to be looked at in rows.  I thought the navy, rose and mint would be a great option for a baby announcement I am currently working on.  The olive, tangerine, and raspberry would be great combos for a stationery suite I have started...etc.  BUT the reason I am sharing this with you... The more I looked at these colors, I discovered that I have actually laid out more color palette options than I originally intended.  No matter what way you look at this color grid/layout all the colors seem to coordinate well.  If you focus on the colors laid out on the diagonal - navy, tangerine and mushroom - those colors might be great for a masculine birthday invitation (or boys bedroom colors...which is what I might be using them for).  I am also loving the mint, raspberry and mushrooms colors! I just need to find a way to incorporate those into my life...wardrobe maybe?  

Two tricks to keep in mind when choosing a color palette: 
1. Keep the number of colors you choose to around 3.  This allows you to have enough options to have 1 or 2 main colors and a nice pop/accent color without having a rainbow effect (unless, of course, that is a look you are going for).  
2. Be sure to include a neutral color in your palette.  This helps the other colors stand out without having to compete too much.

My point is (yes, I have a point) no matter what you are working on, your wardrobe, new wall/room colors, your wedding colors, a spring floral arrangement, etc lay out all the colors you like (get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere!) and mix and match them in ways you wouldn't normally put together.  You might surprise yourself! 

What color combinations are your favorite right now?  What are you using them for?
Posted on 5/24/2013 to Inspiration
Looking Back and Looking Forward - Part 1

May is such a nice time of year.  The weather starts turning warmer, people and plants alike come out of their winter hibernation, kids are gearing up for the end of the school year and the beginning of summer and for paper lovers... it is National Stationery Show time! 

I have been fortunate enough to visit the show twice (2010 and 2012).  My initial trip was to see what all the talk was about and to plan my 2011 Toluka Paper debut as a vendor.  My trip that year was a quick one.  I made it a day trip (I do not recommend this unless you live in NYC or super close). Whoa, what a whirlwind. I learned a lot that day:  Ideas for making my booth stand out, display ideas, a little about fulfillment, the importance of networking, how important it is to wear comfortable shoes and most importantly… take a break to eat! I didn’t know the last one until it was too late and ended up with the worst migraine ever.  I barely remember the plane trip home.  Regardless of the paper hangover, the next day, I felt energized, super motivated, excited and like I had a great goal for myself for 2011.  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t truly realize all that I DID NOT learn until the winter of 2010/2011 when I applied to attend the 2011 NSS as a vendor.  I felt like I had done some decent research and had a planned budget.  I knew there would be things I didn’t account for…so I planned some padding for that.  I knew there would be things I would figure out a long the way, so I planned extra time for that…what I found out the hard way was even after all my planning I was still not prepared to attend NSS that year.


Now, fast forward a little to 2012 - I decided I would attend again to scope out NSS. This time I went armed with more information on the process, what details to look at and with a fellow stationery friend.  We had a great time swapping ideas, opinions and thoughts…not to mention comparing and coveting all the beautiful business cards and fun swag. I also gained a much better perspective of what would be involved in this event and left feeling better informed to work toward my goal of having a booth in 2013.  So why haven’t mentioned NSS yet?  The show will be wrapping up tomorrow!  Well, surprise surprise, I changed my mind again - only this time before putting down the down payment on a booth.  What helped me change my mind?  Something that I feel is a better fit for where I am with my business currently and will hopefully better prepare me to reach all my goals.  Stay tuned for the deets in Part 2.

Posted on 5/21/2013 to News & Announcements