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What kind of paper do you use?


All non-label orders are printed on a bright white, matte, 100lb cover stock. Other paper options are available for Custom orders.

All label orders are printed on a bright white, matte, 60lb text

What color envelopes are available?


Toluka Paper believes that the envelope is the first impression the recipient will have of your note or invitation.  We want to make sure it catches their eye and is the first piece out of the mailbox!

Other envelope options are av

What are the design/text color options?

If you don’t see the color you are looking for in one of our designs/ texts, you can change it! See below for available colors. Make sure to select that color from the drop down box when placing your order.

What are the requirements for photo cards?


Your photo will be printed on our matte, 100lb cover stock along with your chosen design.  A high resolution photo is recommended (300ppi) for optimal clarity.  Basic photo processing (sharpening, red-eye repair, color change to black

What is the process if I want to place a custom order?


We love to hear the great ideas you have for your invitations, stationery, etc.  Please see our Custom Orders page for our custom design process.

How much postage will I need to mail my items?

Most of our stationery fits the standard USPS size for First Class mail. Square envelopes, items weighing over one ounce, or items that are not flat/smooth may require extra postage. We recommend checking with your local post office to be certain yo

I received my order…how do I put everything together?

  • The card should be placed in the envelope so the design is right-side up and design side facing you.  This way, as soon as your recipient removes the card from the envelope they can see your message.
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