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- Santa Countdown Calendar -

One of my favorite kindergarten memories is of a Santa coloring sheet I added a simple cotton ball to each day to build his beard and countdown to Christmas.

I HAD to share this memory with my kids so I created my own version.
I hope you enjoy it too! 

Santa Christmas Countdown Printable


- You Rock! Coloring Card -

Show them they ROCK! Print this card, color and add your thoughts of thanks and praise inside. 

Printable You Rock Card


- Celebrate! Annual Birthday + Anniversary List -

Even with the best intentions I still manage to let important celebrations sneak by me! This year I created this list as a helpful reminder to send those happy greetings. I keep mine in my planner to reference and move it from month to month though out the year. I hope you find it helpful too!

Birthday Calendar List


- Valentine Drink Labels -

Are you the room mom this year and looking for ideas to jazz things up? You have come to the right place! I designed these labels to use for my son's class last year. The girls grinned and the boys squirmed at the thought of drinking LOVE POTION, but they all LOVED it! 

Print them on 2.5" circle Avery labels or just print them on regular paper and tape them to a juice box or bottle of water. For extra flair I wrapped mine below in kraft paper first. In no time you will be marking 'Cute Drinks' off your classroom party to-do list!


- Halloween Countdown -

Every good ghost and goblin enjoys a countdown! 
This printable is a fun and easy craft for kiddos of all ages to help keep track of the days left until the happiest of Halloweens! 

Halloween Countdown Free Printable


- Halloween Fortune Teller -

Yay! Here's your Free Halloween Fortune Teller Printable. I hope it helps you cross something off your long Mama To-Do List today!



- 30 Days of Thankful -

With all that is going on in the world today it is more important than ever to realize even in our craziest days there is something to be thankful for! I created this list to help me - and my family! keep track of those blessings. I plan to print it and keep one on my nightstand and one at the dinner table to fill in with my family. Hope you are able to put it to good use too!

30 Days of Thankful List



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Santa Christmas Countdown